Q – What is the cost for counseling?

A – Nothing.  All of our services are completely free to all women. 

Q – Are the counselors professional therapists?

A – No.  We are not professionals.  All of our counselors are volunteer lay counselors who have completed extensive counseling training.  Our staff, Volunteer Counselors, Support Group Facilitators, Bible Study Leaders, and all other volunteers completely donate their time to the Center.  The Rapha Center is filled with passionate women who are dedicated to helping other women find healing.

Q – Is this a faith based ministry?

A – Yes.  We are a faith based ministry made up of women from multiple churches and denominations.  We believe complete healing includes mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  Spiritual healing can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, we do not push our personal beliefs on anyone.

Q – What if I do not go to church, can I still receive the free counseling?

A – Absolutely!  We are there to help all women from all backgrounds regardless of religion.  We offer Bible Studies and Support Groups but no one is required to attend.  We want to provide a comfortable and safe place where you can receive unconditional love and support.

Q – Is there a limit of sessions that I can receive?

A – No.  You may continue to meet with your counselor as long as you feel that you are making progress and receiving encouragement to make it on your own.  Once you discontinue counseling you are always free to return whenever you want.

Q – Where does the Center receive funding?

A – We operate completely on generous donations from individuals and businesses who understand the need of the services that the Rapha Center provides. 

Q – Do I need a counseling or psychology degree to become a volunteer?

A – No.  We have volunteers with various educational backgrounds; from stay at home moms who have never attended college, to professional women within all careers, to those who have Masters Degrees in counseling.  We come from all walks of life.  Our volunteers are just like you no matter who you are. 

Q – What are your hours of operations?

A –The Center is open based on the availability of our volunteers. Please refer to the Hours of Operation on the Home Page.

Q – How do I find out about the Support Groups and Studies offered at the Center?

A – They will always be listed on the website as well as the bulletin board at the Center.